DJT Consulting Group is committed to meeting the needs of its clients by being responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced in a variety of services that include: preparing funding proposals; grants research; grant monitoring and reporting; project management; writing and editing; and other services. Further information about these services is provided below.

Proposal Writing 

DJT Consulting Group helps its clients build their financial capacity by:

Project Management

While DJT Consulting Group can fit its services into your existing project management structure, we can also serve as your project manager for complex projects. In doing so, we strive for:

Program Development and Implementation

Whether part of a grant process, or apart from, your agency's programs and services may need to be planned and developed, or existing programs may need to be re-configured. DJT Consulting Group works closely with clients in planning meetings to conduct analysis, priority setting, program design, implementation, and evaluation. We can also assist your agency with new programs or funding to implement your outcome objectives or contractual obligations.


Evaluation is a complex process that must be carefully managed in order to demonstrate competence and effectiveness. DJT Consulting Group guides clients through every step of the evaluation process, including evaluation design, collecting and analyzing data, and communicating the results. We also advise on how to improve your current evaluation process and how to integrate Continuous Quality Improvement principles into your infrastructure.

Other Services

Please contact us if you require assistance in an area that is not listed on our website. Examples of other services DJT Consulting Group provides are: